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Oct. 24th, 2014 01:06 pm
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Am I doing it right?


Let me know, OK?

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[WOW, it's been a long time since anyone heard about this guy, hm?

Either way, what you need to know is that now he has four Pokémon on his party and is presently at Violet Town, with a brief part-time work at the Bellsprout Tower because he needs to get some money before moving on.

And it just so happens that the day is done, and he's at the Inn and, well, he's sleeping right now. But his hyper-active Meowth, that goes by the name of Patch, is wide awake. And HE HAS THE POKÉGEAR.

And he's also sporting Bro's trademark shades. Yep, Meowth snatched those from him while he was sleeping. And decided to make a feed.]

HEY HEY! Guess who's the cool guy now? That's right suckers!

I'm the coolest of them all, which means you all have to hear what I say, yeah???
[Patch is pretty much grinning at this point.]

Now I want all of you to bring me all your shiny objects yes, yes??? I demand you give me your shinies! Rings, coins, precious gems... I. Do. Not. Care. I just want to glimmer from head to toe!

Mrow... Soooooo coooooool. No one can say no!

[He's so into his little thing he doesn't notice the pair of legs clad in dark denims right behind him. He only acknowledges Bro's presence when he's picked up by the back of his neck and goes off screen.]

What are you going on about anyway? Look, I don't care about your nighttime habits, but these are mine... [There's a sound similar to a yelp and Meowth - now without shades - is back on the floor again, snatching the Pokégear and jumping out the Inn's window.]

OH GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE FUCKER! [Bro can be heard in the distance. He's not in the mood to deal with these shenanigans.]

(( ooc: Pokémon can contact Meowth, characters can contact Bro - let's just assume he was able to retrieve the Pokégear from Patch. Bro may or may not have a nice scratch on his face when you call. ))
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[After the first initial shock of finding himself on the wonderful world of Pokémon, because, seriously, that's the last place Bro expected to end up after what happened to him, he takes the time to check his belongings and he is far from amused.

Remember how you can't bring weapons to Johto? Well...]

Cut for colored text )
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Have a reference post for all the threads Bro took part of and all the ones in posts he made, with the characters that took part of and, like, the "length" of each one! Posts and threads are ordered from newest to oldest.

Cut because this may get long-ish... )
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Watch this session be A WASTELAND. Because, really, this is Bro we are talking about. Social interactions are not his "forte". But a guy can dream, right????? If you interacted with him and aren't here, just drop a comment and I'll add you!

Here, have colored hearts because I LIKE COLORED HEARTS.

: Are you dead or alive? He basically couldn't care less. At least he doesn't hate you.
: Give yourself a pat on the back, because Bro actually acknowledges your existence!!
: OK, he may be paying attention to you more than usual and GASP, he may even talk to you by his own volition!
: YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH BRO FUCKING STRIDER! Go brag about it to your friends!
: OK, how did you even get to this position??? Either way, by some mysterious reason you are now above the friendship level!
: ULTIMATE LEVEL OF CARE WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT COME OFF AS CRYPTIC AS HELL. This level is pretty much reserved for people like Dave and Cal, but maybe, if you work hard enough...

There are under construction stuff under this cut... )
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(( The Following Is An OOC Post ))

On the interest of keeping things organized, here, have a status post, so then you know where the heck Bro is and what he has.

I'm here to fuck shit up )
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So, as to not make Bro a COMPLETE CARBON COPY of his post-Scratch version, writing and text-color wise, I thought it would be nice to give him his own writing style and color. Because I have lots of time in my hands.

Anyways, the way he writes is the following (note: the following sample is horribly OOC and the mun apologizes in advance):

he types in bloodorange (aka CC1100) which isn't all that into red, but not that much into orange either (see what I did there?)
he doesn't give punctuation all the attention it deserves, but he doesn't disregard it completely as to not make his sentences sound terribly ambiguous (unless he wants mess with you, then you'll get ALL the ambiguity)
he mostly doesn't remember that capital letters exist, just so you know
yes, he'll swear on his texts. he's a full grown man and can do whatever the fuck he wants to. you can't tell him what to do

So, that's about it. Let me remind you that the text above is just to showcase the color and style of writing and mun will be a lot more IC during actual roleplaying, so don't fret. Also, if you don't want me to attack you with COURIER COLORED TEXT, just drop a message here and I'll keep it in mind when tagging you!!
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Just for reference, here, have something similar to the app I wrote for [community profile] route_29. This is mostly so then people who don't know A THING about Homestuck can get a hold of his personality... Not that his personality is easy to read even for those who read the damn comic.

OOC Information;
Name; Ukiby
Personal Journal; uki_la_maid
Contact; skype: ukithemaid / tumblr: boobotschoiceass / plurk: ukilamaid

IC Information;
Character Name; Bro Strider
Canon; Homestuck. Also, here, Bro's Wiki page, so you can get a hold of his backstory.
Canon Point; Pre-Scratch, Post Bec Noir's Fight
Age; Early 30's (estimate)

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